Capture Ray Hoods UVF Halton

Indoor and outdoor air quality is becoming a major concern. Many kitchens will require emission control solutions in their exhaust systems to comply with growing demands for environmentally-friendly operation. The Capture Ray technology keeps the plenum and duct virtually grease-free and reduces part of the cooking odours and emissions. It is based on the use of Ultraviolet lamps (UV-C) which neutralises grease vapours and particles. The UVF canopy with the new generation of peripheral, vertical and horizontal Capture Jet™ technology is a highly efficient kitchen ventilation canopy that removes contaminated air and excess heat emitted by cooking equipment, while delivering compensation air to the kitchen at low velocity. Overall, the system requires  up to 60% less exhaust air volume than traditional canopies to remove an equal heat load.

  • Ductwork cleaning costs are reduced to a minimum level due to the absence of grease deposits.
  • Heat recovery feasibility, efficiency and payback time improved as a result of lower maintenance needs.
  • Significantly reduces odours in exhausted air.
  • Integrated Capture Ray Ultraviolet cassette with complete controls and safety features.
  • Plug and Play CE-certified control system providing easy access to UV cassettes for maintenance.
  • Reduced energy consumption due to ’s new generation of peripheral, vertical and horizontal Capture Jet™ technology.
  • Draught-free integrated air distribution for enhanced capture and containment, comfort and productivity.
  • Double stage filtration with KSA multi-cyclone filters (UL and NSF classified).
  • Performance tested independently in accordance with the ASTM 1704 standard and heat load exhaust airflow rates calculation method.
  • Accurate and effective commissioning due to "ready to install" standard delivery packages, with lighting, integral balancing dampers and Testing And Balancing (T.A.B.)