Capture Jet Canopies

The  Capture Jet™ range of canopies provides solutions for a variety of professional food service ventilation applications, for virtually any cooking process. The Capture Jet™ technology and low-pressure-loss KSA filter combine to create the most efficient system available for the removal of convective heat and cooking vapours.

The Capture Jet canopies use the advanced  Capture Jet™ system, combining horizontal and vertical jets at the front and on the sides of the hood to improve the capture and containment of the air flows generated by the cooking equipment, and so even at the end of the line.

The Capture Jet™ with Side-Jet technology is based on the high entrainment of compact, high-velocity capture air jets. They efficiently induce ambient air at the critical front and side area of the hood, minimizing spillage of the contaminated air and maintaining excellent air quality in the work area.